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Updated: Feb 4, 2019

At last, I have opportunity to look through the evaluation forms and take time to consider what went well, what not so well and where to make changes. The outcome is a huge and overwhelming relief to me, the evaluation forms show that teachers enjoyed the teacher training, value the HAL resources and the message it sends and believe that the programme should be taken to all regions in The Gambia.

Here is an overview of the evaluation forms and some of the comments:

The course was fun, enjoyable, informative and educational. It was also interactive and provided ideas on how to encourage children to unite, socialise and learn from one another.

The equipment and resources are exactly what teachers in LBS are looking for and will go a long way in developing a great interest in Personal Health Education. The equipment is easy to use and the activities are at the correct level. Children will learn through playing with objects for the betterment of their understanding.

The tutors were fun, encouraged questions, listened to comments, promoted enjoyment and were always smiling.

Asked how the HAL teacher training would impact on teaching responses included:

Given lots of ideas on how to deliver lessons and how to provide more fun when learning and more importantly how to engage children, unite them and make them feel and understand that they are all equal and each of them is special. Better awareness on how to teach physical education and that learning is not only in the classroom but outside the classroom as well.

Asked whether HAL teacher training will have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of children:

There was a very positive and emphatic yes from all teachers with one teacher saying "In fact, its positive, positive, positive..." and another teacher "That the benefits cannot be over-emphasised". Children will be physically healthier through the PE programme and will be better informed about what to eat and have improved personal health.

Further comments included:

The HAL teacher training should not stop here, but that there should be provisions for more teachers to be trained, perhaps termly or annually and for resources to be available to all schools. Finally, several teachers said that HAL training should be centralised and offered to all regions of the Gambia.

I have written to the Director of Teacher Training and to enable us to meet the needs of The Gambia and fulfil our promises we are organising further fund raising, please join us and help make a difference to lives of the children in Africa.

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