Donating Sports Kits

In The Gambia many school football teams or rural village football teams do not have a team kit to wear when playing in local tournaments. A variety of sports are being introduced in The Gambia however football is the most played in schools and amongst children in general. As you travel you are very likely to see a sandy area packed with children playing football with just one tatty ball. I was offered some old and unused sports kits from Brokenhurst College and asking in The Gambia if they might be of use I was presented with a list of fifteen local villages who all would love a football kit. During my visit in December 2019 we gave two kits to established football teams and two kits to a rural village. Rural villages are where as a charity, Lindsay and the trustees would like to see donated kits go. Children in the village were playing football and dodgeball with sandals and such was the excitement of receiving football kits that the whole village came out to watch and a football match was promptly organised to show off the new kits. It was a pleasure and a privilege to see how appreciative everyone was.

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If your team or club have old and unused kits, children's sports teams in The Gambia will welcome and cherish them

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