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HAL Teacher Training, Dec 2019

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

In December 2019 I made the journey to The Gambia on my own. Both Alice and I were disappointed that she could not come to The Gambia this year however we have all been delighted by her new arrival.

Momodou Jeng the director for INSET (In-service education and training) had organised for 30 teachers representing 15 lower basic schools to attend the 3-day HAL training, 12th-14th December 2019.

Having found the PE equipment somewhere in The Gambia and confirming training details in a meeting with education department colleagues on Wednesday I was ready to start.

On Thursday morning in true GMT (Gambian maybe time) we didn't quite start at 09.00 and after formal introductions the course was underway just in time for breakfast at 11:00! This said I spent a fantastic 3-days with 30 very enthusiastic and appreciative teachers. As in 2018, my understanding is that the overwhelming learning message that teachers took away was that children can learn through games and play. I had such fun with the teachers playing a variety of educational games before they explored activities and team-taught with each other. In a change to last year I laid out the PE equipment and let teachers explore activities before showing them games. I spent three days laughing and learning with the teachers and as with last year felt it a privilege to be involved and an honour to be included in their curriculum. Please watch our short video below:

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