Impact of HAL Teacher Training

Please view our video which is a compilation of pictures and videos received from teachers who attended HAL teacher training in 2018.

Please watch Impact of Teacher Training 2018
Please watch My Lovely Lungs

Since delivering our first HAL teacher training in December teachers have been delivering nutritional literacy lessons in their schools and explaining the importance of eating fruits and vegetables.

Teachers have been using the PE equipment and children are being given more opportunities to play and be physically active. Introducing a PE programme has been very exciting for both teachers and children who do not have access to basic items such as skipping ropes, hoops, bean bags, ladders and cones. Footballs are very popular and when visiting The Gambia it is not unusual to see a group of 60 children playing with one very, worn and tatty but loved ball, or for a rural village to share one football. When we delivered sports kits to Kerr Amadou village in December 2019 children were playing football and dodgeball with a sandal.

Lindsay Broomfield “In February 2018 as we were leaving The Gambia our tour bus squashed a young child’s ball – he and his mother were distraught. I wanted to run across the road and buy a new ball, but where in the Gambia can you buy a ball?” 

Children are also learning about their bodies through our Inside-Out initiative with a focus towards learning about the hazards of smoking. In July 2018 pupils in one school gathered and spoke about "My Lovely Lungs' in their end of year production. Please view their short video.

A very exciting outcome though has been with the teachers from our first teacher training and from Masanneh Jallow the teacher who has helped and promoted The HAL Project in The Gambia who gather on the first Saturday in every month to discuss and share HAL good teaching practice and ideas.