We have two projects in The Gambia

Project 1 - HAL Teacher Training


There are many charities in The Gambia that help improve education. Charities range from sponsoring children to attend school to building new schools however The HAL Project is a little different and unique. The HAL Project reaches into the heart of education through teacher training and by providing education resources and programmes that meet the needs of The Gambian curriculum. 





Project 2 - Providing Sports Kits 

Providing sports kits for local football teams, schools and villages became our second project in The Gambia and came about very much by chance. A very good friend who works at Brockenhurst College said in 2019 that the sports teams were changing their kits and asked if the old kits would be of use to children or teams in The Gambia. And yes of course, all sports kits are very much needed and appreciated.