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The Gambia - Penyem Village

Saturday 8th December 2018

Today Alice and I were very lucky to be invited by Anne and Andy to visit the village they sponsor - Penyem. The Northampton Trustee Fund was founded in 2004 and has achieved such a lot since its first project to provide the village with an ambulance. They have gone on to build a school, provide a toilet block, renovate a building into a health centre and pay for a full time doctor and training for a health assistant, sponsor children and provide rice and a lot more. Please visit their websitehttp://northamptontrusteefund.co.uk/ It was a wonderful day and a very raw African experience. On the way to the village we stopped at Brikama market which was crowded and chaotic, hot and hectic. We walked through the market or rather were squeezed through narrow pathways cramped with fruits, vegetables, meats and fish alongside clothes and utensils. Nothing is fresh or new and the smell is.......well I'll let you imagine!! I loved it but for Alice I'm sure it was a once-only life experience!

Children hang on every finger or part of clothing they can reach and we were shown around the village and were welcomed into several homes to meet families.

Several sobering and humbling moments that puts our own life experiences into perspective.

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