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The Gambia - Meeting The Director of Teacher Training

Sunday 9th December 2018

Today Alice and I returned to Kotu LBS where children were sitting a literacy exam. Children sat 3-a-breast at tables talking and I was able to walk around taking a video whilst Alice spoke with the teacher who had attended the teacher training - not quite the same exam conditions as at home! Alice and I were also very excited to be able to collect the postcards.

Afterwards Masanneh took us to meet the Director of Teacher Training for The Gambia. It is Sunday, we arrive at this unimposing building at the back of nowhere with no appointment and told we could wait if the Director was not there! Oooh okay, no problem, slightly worried! Fortunately the director was there and expecting us, he seemed very keen to discuss The HAL Project and took on board the evaluation points raised by our pilot group of teachers. In fact he was so interested we discussed the possibility of returning next summer to deliver to a 100 teachers, which with a little encouragement to ensure that the government would support and work towards sustainability he agreed to finance the teachers. Furthermore he was keen to place HAL (healthy active lives) training into the teacher training programme. Wow what a marvellous outcome, I cannot believe how successful our trip has been and certainly wasn't quite prepared for the positive reaction.

A dream, a wish, a hope and now a reality.

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