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The Gambia - Day 2 Teacher Training

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Friday 7th December 2018

Alice and I with teachers, our new friends and colleagues

Today we were feeling positive and rejuvenated after yesterdays teacher training and despite our green (reliable) taxi not arriving enthusiasm and confidence prompted us to take a blue taxi; not sure what category they come under, I think they are someone's mates taxi! We were a little late but of course not the last. The day started a little differently to our usual expectations with children coming into the classroom to tidy litter and chicken bones off the floor from the previous day. Only a little behind the times we started with healthy eating focussing on vitamins and minerals, then played team games which was hilarious and finished with personal health and discussing the hazards of smoking.

At the end of the course Alice and I handed out all the PE equipment which was very well received followed by lots of group photos and thank you's. Feeling happy, relieved and pleased with the outcome of our two days Alice and I returned to the hotel where I enjoyed a large glass of wine.

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